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Product Code: Y53
Antonelli A1 Ice Cream Tubs 100ml 250's..
Product Code: Y54
Antonelli A2 Ice Cream Tubs 160ml 200's..
Antonelli A4 Display Stand
Product Code: Y56
Antonelli A4 Display Stand..
Product Code: Y40
Antonelli Cheeky Monkey Cones 200'sDimensions 46mm x 120mmNumber of Scoops 1..
Product Code: Y41
Antonelli Medium Cones 120'sDimensions 69mm x 171mmNumber of Scoops 2 - 3..
Product Code: Y42
Antonelli Rimini Cones 320'sDimensions   50mm x 135mmNumber of Scoops  1..
Product Code: Y43
Antonelli Torino Dipped Cones 160'sDimensions  48mm approx. x 162mm approx.Number of Scoops 1..
Product Code: Y44
Antonelli Torino Fun Cones 54's..
Product Code: Y45
Antonelli Torino Waffle HoneyCones 54'sDimensions 48mm approx. x 162mm approx.Number of Scoops 1..
Product Code: Y46
Antonelli Verona Cones 132'sDimensions 60mm x 160mmNumber of Scoops 2..
Bubblegum Blue Topping
Out Of Stock
Product Code: Y36
Bubblegum Blue Topping..
Caramello Topping 1kg
Out Of Stock
Product Code: Y35
Caramello Topping 1kg..
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